Pablo Benzo (b.1982, Santiago, Chile) lives and works in Berlin. Benzo studied graphic design at the University of Chile in 2009. Selected solo exhibitions include: 'Some things last a long time' at Steve Turner, Los Angeles; ‘Brief Encounters’ at ART021, Dio Horia Gallery, Shanghai, ‘Inner Landscapes’ at BC Gallery, Basel; ‘Some Velvet Morning’, Artist residency, Dio Horia Gallery, Mykonos, ‘El Ruido Vano en la Entrada del Silencio’ at Galería Animal, Santiago; ‘The Great Silence of These Distances’ at Cass Contemporary, Florida. Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Manscaping’ at The Hole (hosted by superzoom), Paris; ‘The Breakfast Club’ at Eligere, Seoul; 'After Hope' at Dio Horia Gallery, Athens; 'Tutti Frutti' at Plan X Gallery, Milan; CAN Ibiza, Dio Horia Gallery, Ibiza; ‘East Hampton Hole’ at The Hole Gallery, New York; ‘Domesticity’ at Volery Gallery, Dubai; ‘Collectiva XII’ at Galería Animal, Santiago; ‘The New Classics’ at C.O.A. Gallery, Montreal. His work has been featured in major cultural media, such as Juxtapoz and Mutual Art, among others. Benzo’s work is currently part of prestigious art collections, including Colección Ca.Sa, Santiago; Colección SOLO, Madrid; Deji Art Museum, Nanjing; Foundation Medianoche0, Granada; Xiao Museum, Rizhao.


Following purist directives, with objects represented as powerful, pure forms devoid of excessive detail and ornamentation, Pablo Benzo’s practice appears preoccupied with human interaction, reduced to the aesthetically pleasing relationships of its geometric angles and shapes, further emphasized through color, in order to achieve a unified effect that reviews the simple beauty of our modern world.