Santiago-born, Berlin-based, Pablo Benzo's (b.1982, Santiago, Chile) exploration of still life paintings since 2011 involves fruits and furniture, repurposed from memory to create new constellations filled with energy. Each work, despite its figurative references, remains non-linear and strictly formal, serving as both exercises in color, composition, and semiotic studies of human interaction. Benzo's artistic style is characterized by a commitment to purist directives, representing objects as powerful, pure forms without excessive detail. His focus on geometric angles, shapes, and color emphasizes aesthetically pleasing relationships, offering a unified effect that explores the simple beauty of the modern world.


Benzo draws inspiration from a diverse range of artistic movements and figures, including Impressionist and Cubist artists, Surrealist painters, Morandi, Bacon, and Magritte. His approach to figuration is viewed as a process rather than a visual result, balancing technique and subject matter. Benzo's paintings, characterized by gentle lines and gradients of soft colors, seek to capture the artist's feelings about being part of something familiar derived from various sources like past experiences and readings. In this way, his works function as both portraits and reflections on the interconnected layers of human history.


Pablo Benzo’s artistic journey is marked by a series of solo exhibitions, including 'Some things last a long time' at Steve Turner, Los Angeles, and ‘Brief Encounters’ at ART021, Dio Horia Gallery, Shanghai. His works have also been featured in group exhibitions like 'Manscaping' at The Hole in Paris and 'The Breakfast Club' at Eligere in Seoul. Benzo's art has gained international recognition, being part of prestigious collections such as Colección Ca.Sa in Santiago, Colección SOLO in Madrid, Deji Art Museum in Nanjing, Foundation Medianoche0 in Granada, and Xiao Museum in Rizhao.