Dio Horia in Athens, Greece, is a gallery for contemporary art and culture, founded in 2018 by Marina Vranopoulou. Dio Horia Gallery aims to be a space with Greek roots and international standards, bringing together artists and the general public. A vision along the lines of an 18th century salon, where meeting people and exchanging views is more important than anything else, Dio Horia primarily focuses on young emerging artists from small peripheral countries, promoting the development and exhibition of their work.


Further evolving from an art platform inaugurated in Mykonos & Delos in 2015, inviting international artists to live and produce in the cradle of the Cycladic civilization, Dio Horia has been running an international exhibitions program ever since, organizing shows and publications with established and emerging artists that have not yet exhibited in Greece. Transmitting the new waves of contemporary art, the Gallery secures the educated art audience, the non-initiated art public & art students alike, an opportunity to witness and experience that, at times, would be otherwise unavailable.


Specifically, Dio Horia Gallery entertains a desire to revisit the past and unleash inveterate institutional art conventions, by focusing on post digital art, queer art, female empowerment, NFTs and all that is current and relevant.


Besides, through the active participation in a series of prominent international art fairs in all continents, Dio Horia showcases the work of Greek, Cypriot and Balkan artists to the global art world, sharing their culture inscriptions, in a most effective, yet previously unattainable way.


Finally, Dio Horia Gallery engages in a series of collaborative projects, developed as a result of associations with artists, curators, non-profit organizations and cultural carriers, in diverse categories, ranging from social, cultural and literary studies, to music and performing arts. 


“Dio Horia” name is inspired by Greek architect’s, Aris Konstantinidis, book: ‘Dio Horia from Mykonos’, where the phrase "dio horia" means "two spaces" or "two villages", metaphorically symbolizing the Gallery and its Residency program. Now, 7 years since its very inception, Dio Horia Gallery moves to Acropolis, to be located just a short, 2 min walk from the Acropolis Museum, in the place of a 4th c. AD villa urbana of the Late Antiquity, once again going back to the roots, back to the fountain of creativity.


The space is hosted in a contemporary building with industrial aesthetics that features ancient Greek ruins on its main exhibition floor, as well as Byzantine mosaic tesserae on its courtyard, in an unexpected intermingling of the Greek and the international, the old and the contemporary.


Dio Horia holds a Project Space in Nea Filothei, as an alternate exhibition space and the Gallery's offices.