Elias Kafouros Greek, b. 1978

Elias Kafouros (b. 1978, Athens, Greece), one of the most prominent Greek visual artists of his generation, intricately weaves complex and vivid compositions, drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of influences, including film, online culture, Renaissance painting, and Buddhist meditation mandalas. His artworks transcend the conventional boundaries of traditional paint on canvas, inviting viewers into an experiential realm. Although initially appearing as flat canvases, the true impact of Kafouros's creations unfolds within the cognitive space of the observer.


Rooted in a profound philosophical mindset, Elias Kafouros channels his early childhood experiences, Buddhism, cinema, animation, and internet culture into a series of "constructions." His works, perceived more as constructions than paintings in terms of composition, represent a distinct approach to art. The deliberate density of his virtuosic compositions generates an utterly hypnotizing effect, gradually revealing itself as a deeply personal and processual revelation, transcending mere visual acknowledgment of a singular image.


Kafouros has held solo exhibitions, including 'Push Buttons' and 'Incognito' at Dio Horia Gallery, Athens, and 'The Image is Unsustainable' at Francoise Heitsch Gallery, Munich. His participation in group exhibitions such as 'Theorems III,' 'Cities of Men,' and 'After Hope' has further solidified his position as one of the most significant contemporary artists in the Greek scene. Kafouros's collaboration with Hèrmes, designing silk scarves and more, underscores his versatile artistic talent. The recipient of the Fulbright Foundation Grant in 2013, Elias Kafouros is poised for international recognition, with efforts underway to secure a museum show that reflects his artistic prowess and innovation.