Amir H. Fallah Iranian , b. 1979

Amir H. Fallah (b. 1979, Tehran) stands as a trailblazing political artist and a refugee from Iran, introducing a groundbreaking form of portraiture that intentionally eschews faces, immersing itself in the perpetual journey of identity deeply rooted in people's ethos and heritage. Across painting, installation, drawing, and sculpture, Fallah confronts pressing contemporary issues, such as basic human values, racism, abuses of power, greed, xenophobia, and climate change. What sets Fallah apart is his unique technique, challenging traditional art historical portraiture by allowing objects, not figures, to weave the narrative of the subject, creating a powerful and evocative storytelling that transcends conventional depictions.


Fallah's artistic vision draws inspiration from a myriad of sources, including Islamic art, Persian motifs, western graffiti, 1970s patterns, and Dutch and Flemish Golden Age. This diverse palette converges in his work, creating a rich tapestry that remixes elements from art history into the contemporary age. Analogous to a DJ sampling music across genres, Fallah adeptly combines imagery from various cultural and historical references, resulting in maximalist and socially engaging works that delve into the complex themes of race and identity.


The artist has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows across the United States and abroad. Selected solo exhibitions include the Fowler Museum in Los Angeles; the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson, South Dakota Art Museum, Brookings SD, Schneider Museum of Art, San Diego ICA, and the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. Amir Fallah's art, at the nexus of politics and identity, has garnered acclaim and found a place in prestigious collections globally, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Birmingham Museum of Art, ICA Miami, DESTE Foundation, Xiao Museum Of Contemporary Art, and Salsali Private Museum, among others.