Tatiana Zagari(Pottato) Greek, b. 1984

Tatiana Zagari's (Pottato)  (b.1984, Athens, Greece) lives and works in Athens. She received a BA in Economics from the Athens University of Economics and Business and an MA in graphic design from AKTO College of Art and Design. Since 2019, she has been discovered by Dio Horia Gallery and has participated in group exhibitions and art fairs, including Future Fair, Dio Horia Gallery, Online edition, Artsy.


The artist's practice consists of handmade earth-ware ceramics. She is essentially self-taught and considers herself a proud outsider visual artist. Each work by Pottato portrays her own stories, fairy tales, and individuals experiencing fear, anxiety or desire that exist outside a linear perception of time. Her work is about tactility, beauty, and subjectivity—and conveying things she has difficulty talking about. She describes her work as a means to call upon a past experience (or emotion) and process it by expressing it in the form of a unique ceramic sculpture that can never be repeated. This is also why she sometimes talks of her works as small pleasant thoughts that take away bad feelings, even for a brief second. Her works, which include both functional vessels and sculptures, are each infused with levity, humor, and character, be it through ghost wearing sandals, motel pools and apparel inspired from her daily attire.