Chris Akordalitis Cypriot, b. 1989

Cypriot artist Chris Akordalitis  (b.1989, Paphos, Cyprus) draws profound inspiration from the ancestral "topos" of his roots, including his father's role as a local avocado farmer. This familial connection intertwines with the artist's resonance with primitive art traditions from Africa, Asia, and French Polynesia, resulting in a unique and seamless fusion of everyday observations and mystical symbolism. Akordalitis expresses this convergence through his oil paintings and ceramics, crafting vibrant and enchanting scenes that feature exotic and joyful figures. The architectural dimensions of space become integral to his work, influenced by studies under Prof. Andreas Schulze and sculptor Tony Cragg, adding a distinctive spatial quality to his exploration of form and narrative.


Central to Akordalitis' artistic practice is the exploration of personal moments embodying simple pleasures. He sees these moments as powerful antidotes to enduring patterns of self-destruction. The utopian dimension in his work serves as a form of relaxed escapism, inviting viewers into a dreamlike refuge where tranquility is discovered through a profound connection with nature, and security standards converge in an ethereal setting.


In 2023, Akordalitis showcased his work prominently, featuring a solo booth with Dio Horia at Taipei Dangdai and presenting a solo exhibition at Half Gallery in LA. Additionally, he participated in a group exhibition at Andrea Festa Fine Art in Rome. His artistic contributions have gained global recognition, with his work finding a place in significant collections, including Forecast Städtische at Galerie Kaarst in Kaarst, Gallery Pop68 in Cologne, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, Planet 58 Kunstsammlung [K21] in Düsseldorf, Water House of Art in Paphos, Xiao Museum in Rizhao, and Zuzeum Art Centre in Riga.