Ally Rosenberg British, b. 1991

Ally Rosenberg (b. 1991, Manchester, UK) lives and works in London. Rosenberg has received a BFA from Central St. Martins following with an MSc in cognitive neuroscience at UCL and a residency at Harvard’s neuro-imaging lab. Rosenberg has participated in solo and group exhibitions internationally. Solo exhibitions include ‘Long Shadows’, Dio Horia Gallery, Athens; ‘On Solid Ground', Bomb Factory Foundation, London. Selected group exhibitions include ’The Sound of a Falling Tree’, Tuesday to Friday (Curated by Liam Fallon), Valencia; ‘Come Out and Play’, Beers Gallery, London; ‘Better Go South’, Studio Berkheim, Stuttgart; ‘The Factory’, Skip Gallery, Thorp Stavri, London; ‘The Fiction’, Gallery Func, Shanghai; Noises From the Closet’, The Flat - Massimo Carasi, Milan; ‘Bums’, Dio Horia Gallery curated by Skip Gallery; ‘Noises From the Closet’, The Flat - Massimo Carasi, Milan; ‘Back to Back (duo w/ Natalia Gonzalez Martin)’, Artists Contemporary, London; ‘Five Hides’, Thorp Stavri; ‘Much Too Shy’, A.I.R. Gallery, Altrincham; ‘Reinventing the Future’, Plain Gallery, Milan; ‘Twilight of The Idols’, Alice Black Gallery, London; ‘A.I.R Open’, Altrincham. The artist has been shortlisted in Summer Marathon 2020 & 2021, Beers London and awarded the AIR Open, 2019 - Visitors’ Choice Award. Ally Rosenberg’s works have been presented in international art publications and media such as FAD Magazine, Artists Contemporary Podcast, Floorr Magazine, amongst others.


Working primarily in sculpture and installation, Rosenberg's work takes an irreverent look at the body, through slicing and casting materials with a structural quality that reveal a relationship between image and object.  Looking at the interface of anatomical structure and conscious experience, through the multiple planes of MRI images, during his academic detour into cognitive neuroscience, influences Ally’s recent sculptural work.