Ally Rosenberg British, b. 1991

Ally Rosenberg's (b. 1991, Manchester, UK) artistic exploration delves into the intricate realms of the human soul, influenced by his background in neuroscience, upbringing in a strict religious family, and his experiences with sexual identity. This diverse foundation contributes to Rosenberg's distinctive artistic practice, where he takes an irreverent approach to the human body. Employing slicing and casting techniques with materials that possess structural qualities, he crafts a visual language to explore the essence of human existence. The interplay between materials and forms serves as a means to articulate profound insights into the complexities of consciousness and the human experience.


Ally Rosenberg's ability to navigate diverse influences, ranging from his academic background in neuroscience to his engagement with cutting-edge contemporary exhibitions, defines his unique style and approach. His exhibitions and collections serve as a testament to his playful presence in the art world, as he continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression and engage with themes deeply rooted in human consciousness and existence.


Currently working towards his second solo exhibition with Dio Horia Gallery in early 2024, the artist's solo shows, such as the former 'Long Shadows' at Dio Horia Gallery, and 'On Solid Ground' at Bomb Factory Foundation, London, showcase his commitment to engaging with his audience through thought-provoking and innovative installations. Rosenberg's participation in group exhibitions, including '2 For 1' at Hypha Studios, London, and 'WINK WINK' at The Whitaker Museum & Gallery, Rossendale, underscores his active presence in the contemporary art scene.