Laure Mary-Couégnias French, b. 1989

Laure Mary  (b.1989, France) , based in Paris, France, emerges as an artist with a unique fusion of Naive Art, Pop Art, and Surrealism, creating fantastical worlds in oil. Her works evoke a captivating interplay between tenderness and an imminent threat, freezing scenes in time just before action unfolds. This temporal suspension invites viewers to let their imagination roam freely, constructing aesthetic and poetic visions inspired by the artist's evocative compositions. Laure Mary sets herself apart through her distinctive approach, initiating her creative process with the crafting of poems that serve as the foundation for translating intricate narratives into visually compelling masterpieces.


Embracing techniques reminiscent of classical European painters, her canvases become a harmonious convergence of influences, with a particular nod to renowned surrealists. What is more, influenced by the nuanced methods of Dutch painting, Laure Mary employs light and shadow to artfully portray everyday scenes and landscapes. Beyond their aesthetic allure, her works delve poignantly into themes of individual solitude and the perpetual quest for inner peace and connection with others.


Currently working toward her second solo show with Dio Horia gallery in early 2024, Laure Mary has garnered recognition and her work finds a place in numerous public and private collections, including those of Association Les Harpailleurs in Switzerland, The Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection in the USA, Château de Courterolles in France, Domaine de Roueïre in Sud-Hérault, France, and The Hall Art Fondation in the USA.