Dio Horia Project Space (2020) is a new exhibition space that will operate in parallel to  Dio Horia’s  regular exhibition program in Athens and in Mykonos.  The Project Space serves as an experimental exhibition space as well as the galleries main warehouse and offices. Dio Horia Gallery in Athens is still closed following the COVID-19 Pandemic and aims to re-open in early 2021. Dio Horia Gallery in Mykonos is now closed and will re-open in April 2021.


—Dio Horia Art Platform (2015) is a gallery for contemporary art and culture that was inaugurated in 2015. Dio Horia Gallery strives to be at the forefront of cultural experimentation both in Greece and the world beyond, by representing young emerging artists from small peripheral countries. At the same time, Dio Horia is running an international residency program and also organizes group shows and publications with established and emerging artists that have not exhibited in Greece. Finally, Dio Horia engages in collaborative projects developed as a result of associations with artists, curators, non-profit organizations and cultural carriers. These fall into categories ranging from social, cultural and literary studies to music and performing arts. The gallery is based in Mykonos, Greece, and has two exhibition spaces in Athens, Greece.



September 21, 2020
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