Aleksandar Todorovic, Iconostasis of Consumerism, Limited Edition Print, 2021

On the occasion of Aleksandar Todorovic's current exhibition Brave New Normal World at Dio Horia Athens, Dio Horia Shop announces the release of Aleksandar Todorovic, Iconostasis of Consumerism, 2021limited edition print.

Todorovic is a Serbian painter who makes politically engaged art that tackles some of the most urgent and sobering issues of our times. As an artist who has grown up during the Balkan civil wars of the 1990’s, Todorovic is particularly sensitive about political systems and their effect on the world. Iconostasis of Consumerism, 2021 is a limited edition print from his most well known series of work Iconostasis of Isms. At the very core of Todorovic's artistic investigations lies the concept of evil, which he approaches from different angles in an attempt to understand its origins and its ramifications. Iconostasis of Isms series is an analysis of evil which lurks beneath all the poles of the political systems we as a human race historically have experienced. The format of religious iconostasis is there to emphasize the striving of political systems to relate themselves as they are the true new and only "right" religion and also it is the artist's way of portraying the religious passion many people expose when they talk about politics, while, not having any thought of actually being manipulated by the very systems they are fighting to protect and serve.

Todorovic’s visual style is illustrative, meticulous and accessible. He subverts the visual codes of Western pop culture, advertising and the Eastern Christian tradition to meet his own artistic goals. The darkness of his subject matter he sugarcoats with politically incorrect humor, deceptively attractive colors and cartoon-like cheerfulness, combined with a rich vocabulary of symbols that he has personally developed over the years. His use of the traditional Byzantine painting techniques and materials has received attention and critical acclaim internationally.

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December 11, 2021
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