Dio Horia Gallery Acropolis | Opening June 18, 2022

DIo Horia announces its new exhibition space in Acropolis, Athens

Dio Horia Gallery is delighted to announce its new exhibition space in Acropolis, Athens, opening on June 18, 2022.
Founded in 2018 by Marina Vranopoulou, Dio Horia Athens Gallery aims to be a space with Greek roots and international standards, bringing together artists and the general public. A vision along the lines of an 18th century salon, where meeting people and exchanging views is more important than anything else, Dio Horia primarily focuses on young emerging artists from small peripheral countries, promoting the development and exhibition of their work.

Now, 7 years since its very inception, Dio Horia Gallery moves to Acropolis, to be located just a short, 2 min walk from the Acropolis Museum, in the place of a 4th c. AD villa urbana of the Late Antiquity, once again going back to the roots, back to the fountain of creativity.

The space is hosted in a contemporary building with industrial aesthetics that features ancient Greek ruins on its main exhibition floor, as well as Byzantine mosaic tesserae on its courtyard, in an unexpected intermingling of the Greek and the international, the old and the contemporary.

Dio Horia Gallery Acropolis will be opening its doors on June 18, presenting the group exhibition 'After Hope'. 


Dio Horia Gallery Acropolis:

5 – 7 Lempesi & 16 Porinou St, Acropolis, Athens

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 11:00-19:00

Saturday 11:00-18:00


Dio Horia's Project Space in Nea Filothei, will remain active as an alternate exhibition space and the Gallery's offices.


Visit After Hope

May 30, 2022
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