View Master
Dio Horia x Karageorgiou Interiors

Participating Artists:
Giannis Haritidis | Chrysanthi Koumianaki | Olga Migliaressi-Phoca | Margarita Myrogianni | Natasha Papadopoulou | thisisopium 

Dio Horia cultural platform presented its first media arts exhibition called VIEW MASTER, on the occasion of the celebration of a Greek furniture company's 80 year celebration. 

It was 80 years ago that the children's game VIEW MASTER was discovered. The View Master toy resembled binoculars. By pushing just one button a whole 3D story unfolded and made you step away from where you are and into where your mind can take you. 

Dio Horia's exhibition VIEW MASTER consisted of two parts: The presentation of 6 diverse videos onto 6 furniture and of the mutation of the space into a dark room where nothing else existed. This way Dio Horia made its own version of a view master that aimed to transfer the message that one's images and experiences should not be limited at what someone sees but what he can see  while traveling with his mind. All exhibits, intangible artworks and furniture, emitted the desire to transform fleeting moments to stable memories and to make daily routines feel like special occasions.