Vasilis Karouk
Sex With The Machine
April 5th - May 23rd, 2018 

Dio Horia gallery inaugurated its fourth year of activities with a solo exhibition by Greek artist Vasilis Karouk, called Sex with the Machine.
Sex with the Machine introduces Karouk’s interest on the scattered brain syndrome that we suffer from as a society, due to the extensive use of the Internet and social media.

The title of the exhibition acts as an ironic catchphrase that on the one hand, characterizes our obsession with presenting a false and narcissistic self via social media and on the other hand, exposes our almost sexual relationship with our media devices.

With wry wit, Karouk creates paintings that stand as selfies (self-portraits), usually of naked people taken, with a smartphone. Technically his paintings are abstract embedded with hints of figuration. Karouk uses bright colors in his works in order to trigger the sensory perception of his viewers and to arouse their superego that incorporates the values and morals of society

In addition to his paintings, Karouk also presents a wallpaper and a sculpture. Specifically, the paintings are installed on a wallpaper that depicts an image of a cave-painting of pre-historic origin that the artist found in the internet and then, processed. Karouk states that painted drawings on caves are a big impact on his recent work and that often symbols of humans, animals and finger flutings are depicted in his works. Using the same color palette with the wallpaper, the artist creates a sculpture made from marble. The sculpture stands as a twoplayer strategy game on a board, of Karouk’s own invention. The exhibition viewers can play with it following an instruction manual that accompanies it.