Trudy Benson

On the occasion of Dio Horia’s residency program, the gallery presented Infinite Spiral, a solo exhibition by Trudy Benson that followed her residency in Mykonos. The gallery hosted an opening reception on Sunday, May 27 at 20:00 with the artist present.
The spiral is a largely positive ancient symbol representing eternity, change, growth and even the evolution or movement of the universe. The spiral means different things to different cultures. In Greece it means infinity. It represents continual motion and balance.
To Benson, the spiral represents the idea of non-linear sequencing and fluid energy. To create her paintings, Benson initiates the process by choosing the color pallet and laying out different patches of paint. She intentionally refrains from determining the end result from the outset. Just as a gardener plants a bunch of seeds and some of them grow fearlessly while others die, each layer in Benson’s work takes up its own space via its interactions.
This intuitive process emphasizes Benson’s continuing interest in experiencing painting almost like a living organism and sets her work apart from older work which focused on representation digital image-making techniques.

Solo Show:      Infinite Spiral 2018