Taylor McKimens

As part of Dio Horia’s residency program, Taylor McKimens created a new series of paintings during his residency in Greece. The show’s title Swapping Paint was about coming together and exchanging ideas, like paint transfer on fenders. McKimens new body of work was a gesture towards his most recent exhibition Stoic Youth, where the artist continued to explore the same Hellenic figures, but inundated the figure, the ground and the composition with his uniquely colored experience in Athens and Mykonos, incorporating all those things he had picked up along the way.
Like the original Greek notion of stoicism, Swapping Paint was intended to have an awareness of all things, where polar opposites were acting simultaneously and many seemingly contrasting ideologies instead worked together. Combining the old and the new in technique, medium, and style, the artist utilized his inventiveness as a draftsman as a starting point to create a dynamic series that conflated the boundaries of collage, painting and drawing into single and visually complex pieces. In doing so, the exhibition showcased differing techniques that were joined together by a single subject matter and visual narrative.
McKimens approached all the pieces in the exhibition as if they were monochrome paintings. Where colors did appear, they were directly pulled from the brilliant Myconian palette of simple reds, blues and aquas seen throughout the city.


Solo Show:        2016   Swapping Paint

Group Show:    2016   Greek Gotham

Project:              2017   #The21project II