I Am You Hope
April 28th - May 25th, 2016


Serapis is an international maritime corporation based in Greece, which constructs clothing and art among other items, inspired by shipping, the sun and the sea. All garments and works of the company are limited edition or unique series of pieces. For the exhibition at Dio Horia, Serapis created a new collection of silk clothing, three wall pieces, two videos, two neon works and an installation with industrial straps. I Am You Hope is structured around a video that Serapis shot at the port of Piraeus, that documents a series of random moments of an afternoon, around the ship-museum HELLAS LIBERTY on Vasiliadi coast. For the clothes and artworks of the collection, Serapis used specific details from the video that were highlighted, symbolized and monumentalized through small, poetic gestures. The silk garments of Serapis are woven with 100% premium Soufli silk, which is considered the best quality in the world. Soufli, the Silk City, as it is named, is a town located at the Northern-East corner of Greece and is the only European silk producer. It carries a long and rich history of silk weaving - it’s origins reaching as far back as the Byzantine Empire. The title of the exhibition, had been derived from the first four words of the phrase which was printed on a T-Shirt, that the peddler in the video held in his hands. This phrase, with its syntax and typos, created a strong and poetic symbolism. The T-Shirt read: “I am you hope tourism in Europam themselves I should move to where they live”.