Raul De Nieves

Dio Horia turned Thirty3 with the solo exhibition of Mexican-American artist, Raúl de Nieves. Thirty3 was the actual age of the artist. His very own milestone marking various thoughts, desires and memories of what has taken place and what is yet to come.
Rethinking the personal, De Nieves underscored the connections with the social/political. His age was used as a starting point to reflect on the pillars of subjectivity, thinking them over and over, dismantling them, highlighting the importance of working on and against them.
His works stood as reifications of a personal dream world but also as possibilities of a world not-yet-here; Mythical yet grounded to traditions. There, traditions - as well as icons – were appropriated and playfully twisted mapping a horizon of potentiality. De Nieves created masks that were not simply objects but animate beings, different selves with lives of their own, ready to be worn, to be adored, to scare and seduce. These works were spiritual, corporeal and material at the same time.

Solo Show:       2017  Thirty3

Group Show:   2016  Greek Gotham