Raul de Nieves
July 31st - August 30th, 2018 

Dio Horia gallery is happy to present Today, an exhibition of works by Raul de Nieves at the gallery’s Mykonian location from July 31 through August 30th. Today is Raul de Nieves second solo exhibition at Dio Horia after a three-week long residency in Mykonos organized by Dio Horia’s residency program. The gallery will host an opening reception on Tuesday, July 31st from 20:00-02:00 with the presence of the artist.

Throughout his career Raul de Nieves has developed an artistic practice that is based on the unconventional fusion of different artisanal crafts and diverse cultural rituals. He is a multidisciplinary artist that creates manually labored, heavily sentimental paintings, sculptures, installations, apparel and performances that are not pieces merely to be looked at, but sublime objects meant to be experienced. Raul de Nieves creates experiences.

For Today de Nieves has incorporated materials that keep appearing in his works like beads, hand written notes, threads and patches, to create a series of works or better a universe that focuses on the idea of finding happiness in difficult times. The exhibition title ‘Today’ stands almost as an activist’s campaign title that advertises the idea of celebrating each day besides its struggles and turning any difficulty into something that allows one to cheer up and find happiness. For the exhibition the artist has created 16 new works. Specifically, one sculptural costume, four drawings, four collages and seven paintings. The works together seem to form a flock of birds flying and moving together and each work on its own seems to symbolize a bird that has been separated from the flock and needs first to survive and then, to thrive on its own. Each work, like each bird of the flock symbolize one’s life. A ‘little’ life that has cuts and scrapes (in fact some of the works are slightly ripped or have stains on them) and has experienced several losses, rejections and separations but is still so valuable and worth enjoying. Today onwards.


RAUL DE NIEVES (b. 1983, Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico) is a multi-media artist, performer, and musician based in Brooklyn, New York. His body of work encompasses painting, multimedia performance (often with his band Hairbone), large-scale figurative sculptures, live music, ornamentally crafted shoes, and garments. De Nieves has exhibited widely, including at the Whitney Biennial, Mendes Wood DM (Sao Paulo), MoMA Ps1, The Museum of Art and Design and Rod Bianco (Oslo). His work can be found in several private and public collections. His works has been featured at the New York Times, Frieze, US Vogue, ArtForum and Mouse among other