Peter McDonald

This, that and the other was Peter McDonald’s first solo exhibition at Dio Horia gallery and is part of Dio Horia’s residency program under which, McDonald spent six weeks in Mykonos, Greece. This, that and the other consists of multiple works on paper, works on canvas as well as other found objects that he has collected during his stay in Mykonos.

The subject matter of the works exhibited is twofold. On the one hand, some of the works are figurative and portray McDonald’s easily recognizable balloon-head figures in universal scenes connected with summer leisure activities like snorkeling and sunbathing.

These works were done when the artist first came to Mykonos and was trying to get the feeling of the island. In their heightened sense of reality they aim to articulate experience and meaning. The rest of the works are more abstract looking and were done later once the artist had discovered the rhythm of the island. In these works the human figure has been replaced by a disembodied abstract presence, inhabiting a space of basic shapes, inspired by the sun, the sea and the architecture.

Solo Show:           This, that and the other  2018

Group Shows:      Jump Ball  2017