Olga Migliaressi-Phoca
Sin City
April 28th - May 25th, 2016

Olga Migliaressi-Phoca’s work criticizes western societies and their social conventions through the use of pop aesthetics and a heavy dose of irony. For her second solo exhibition at Dio Horia titled Sin City, Migliaressi created a series of neon installations derived from the logos of big consumerist companies. In her show she used logos of five brands, all associated with leisure,  to create five iconic characters that inhabit a contemporary, pleasurable albeit sinful city.  The five logos are: the Holiday Inn  hotel chain, Lego and Nintendo toy manufacturers, the infamous American automobile route Route 66 and the luxurious car manufacturer Rolls Royce.  Through the use of word-play, the artist twists these companies’ brand names to stereotypically depict contemporary western societies and create citizens for her Sin City.