Hulda Guzman
A Different Architecture
June 23rd - July 20th, 2017

Dio Horia opened its doors to a futurity not yet here with “A Different Architecture”, the solo exhibition of Dominican artist, Hulda Guzman. Conceptual but also physical structures came to recreate the existing reality, bearing the weight of a mythical unknown. Captivating and immersive, the dynamics of the pieces led the visitors to be aware of the never-ending flow of time. Intimate, individual moments were made public, energetic gestures challenge the confines between the inside and the outside, the personal and the social, the natural and the artificial, denoting the interaction and the blurring of the limits. Guzman created works that articulate a delicate balance between physical and visual qualities. Her body of works for Dio Horia refered to the multi-layered reality of nature and the contradictions that surrounds it. Wood, with its building construction references, played a leading role. Its multiple transforming qualities created spaces that fell between reality and perception, between presence and representation. Wood’s porous and fibrous structural tissue, speaks of its past, its history; it also speaks of what it is now and what it may be turned into in the years to come. Its growth rings and knots, initiated in the artistic practice pertain to life and death, strength and vulnerability, tension and release. Wood, used as a tool, as a vehicle for depiction, represented in architecture, or in its most primary state -as a tree- or even as a pretext to exploit its organicity in the depiction of the ocean and the sky, has immense power to offer, in its visceral quality into portraying Life. The sensuality of its textures, feel and colors, turns it into a symbol for life itself. Guzman, used it as a felicitous starting point to move beyond sight, toward a haptic relationship with the world, creating volatile, poetic spaces with symbolic allusions in a spirit of contemplation. Engaging and subtly intervening with nature, so as to reimagine it, Guzman harmonizes elemental occurrences in terms of her own artistic drive. She revealed the innate qualities of natural materials, exposing the deep patterns of growth and time and the slow disclosure of change. She linked the work back to the naturally organic. Suffused with a sense of belonging to a given, sensorily present place where people together inhabit the world of meaning.