Honey ; Love ; Pheromones
Group Show curated by Rallou Panagiotou
June 24th - July 27th, 2016

Participanting artists:
David Adamo | Antonakis | Helen De Main | Maria Efstathiou | Jack McConville | Alan Michael | Margarita Myrogianni | Aliki Panagiotopoulou | Rallou Panagiotou | Natasha Papadopoulou | Sofia Stevi | Rhianna Turnbull

As part of a new project where Dio Horia invited guest curators or artists, to curate shows at the main exhibition space of Dio Horia, honey; love; pheromones, was a group show of Greek and International artists curated by Rallou Panagiotou. The exhibition’s idea stemmed from a notion of the island as a volume of inorganic, natural materials: the sea, the water, the rocks, the salt, all covered by an amorphous veil of desire that was produced by the living bodies (that found themselves on it or imagined it). This desire may sometimes take specific forms in certain commodities, relations, food, consumption, expectations or else remains an abstract bliss.
The use of works in the exhibition followed this sequence, from the natural materiality of the island to the examination of this desire and its artificial elements: images of butter and nivea cream, carved wood in primal form, magazine clips that reconstruct real relations, jigsaw puzzles with tanned, rearranged bodies, wrapping paper as a thinking process, ice cream and money, hair and dust as drawings, travel paraphernalia, landscapes and emotions.