Greek Gotham
Group show curated by Maria Brito
July 29th - August 28th, 2016

Participating artists:
Assume Vivid Astro Focus | Nina Chanel Abney | Greg Bogin | Mira Dancy | Raul De Nieves | Michael Dotson Sebastian Errazuriz | Nir Hod | Todd James | Misaki Kawai | KAWS | Robert Lazzarini | Austin Lee  
Taylor McKimens | Matthew Palladino | Erik Parker

Greek Gotham marked the first ever exhibition in Greece to be comprised solely of New York based artists. Conceived and curated by Maria Brito, the show openned on July 29, 2016 on the island of Mykonos at Dio Horia. The show ran for four weeks, during the islands peak season when 1 million visitors came to the island between May and October.
Maria Brito presented more than 45 artworks created by 16 of the most exciting emerging and mid-career New York based artists in Dio Horia’s 3,800 square foot space. The exhibition aimed to draw parallels between the Ancient and Classical Greek Civilizations and New York City as it is today. Greece constituted the cradle of Western Civilization and became the most important center for art, architecture, philosophy, literature, theater, music and many other disciplines whose enormous influence continues to be relevant 2,500 years after its decline. New York, as of today, enjoys a rare and privileged position as one of the most influential and culture-centric capitals in the world. From having some of the most enriching artist communities to the ethnic diversity of it’s inhabitants, New York City’s extensive and expansive network of galleries, museums, theaters, art platforms and performance venues find no parallels anywhere else in the world. Because of its cultural influence, contemporary New York is akin to what Ancient and Classical Greece once were. These were the parallels that Greek Gotham wanted to expose. The show was accompanied by a lush, full-color book written and designed by Maria Brito with an introduction by Jeffrey Deitch. While making comparisons to Classical and Ancient Greece, the book and the artworks presented touch on many important issues facing NYC today – LGBT, drugs, sexuality, police brutality, body image, identity and race, among others. Greek Gotham is available on Amazon and at select bookstores in Greece.