in collaboration with NEW Hotel

Dio Horia and NEW Hotel were happy to present Maja Djordjevic’s #FollowMaja at NEW Hotel in Athens and at Dio Horia art platform in Mykonos.
The project #FollowMaja took place in two parts and narrated through works of art and remarkable acts a journey of a modern traveler. In this case, the journey of a girl named Maja to Athens and Mykonos.
Maja became the 21st century flaneur, who at the same time experienced a new place and also shared her experience in real time with the rest of the world through her social media portal, creating another way of mapping.
The first act of the event was held at NEW Hotel, Athens. In particular, the visitors during their stay at NEW Hotel, were coming across with a set of interactive stickers with doodles that the artist made during her stay in Greece (Maja Djordjevic spent one month in Greece as part of Dio Horia's Resydency program). The stickers were placed on the mirrors of all rooms as well as in the public areas of the hotel. (In total, there were about 85 stickers). "Frames" were added so as the visitor could take a selfie and either became part of Maja's narrative and travel or make his own memory.
The second act took place at Dio Horia art platform in Mykonos. The visitors had the chance to see 10 of the hotel’s  infamous chairs produced by the Campana Brothers who have designed the hotel (and from the Campana workshop that worked along them), which were exhibited as souvenirs Maja brought with her from Athens. 
Whether visiting New Hotel in Athens or Dio Horia in Mykonos, or following the hashtag (and title of the event) #FollowMaja, a next real or online traveler could experience the Majan voyage. The purpose of these event was to travel to different places to create a different social network of visual interest that will always exist in the digital world.