David Adamo

David Adamo presented three sculptures carved out of the trunks of cedar trees, representing shapes he saw or imagined during his residency at Dio Horia. Dominating and delicate at the same time, they claimed an uncanny physicality. They leaned towards abstraction, yet offering hints of figuration. His works stood as bodies among other bodies and untangled their acoustic agency. The solid woods with rough notches chopped bluntly into their bulks become musical instruments. His works blended our sensory inputs visualizing a musicality exciting the eyes. They seemed to be amalgams of an obsessive sculpting process and readily available materials found in the artist’s studio. His installations were like performances with no performers; just the works remaining as reifications of what has happened. The absence/presence tension was addressed through his way of work as well; An action of removing to create. Absence here created the materiality of the present.

Solo Show:        2017  David Adamo and Margarita Myrogianni

Group Show:    2016  Honey;Love;Pheromones