Build Your Own House
curated by Jannis Varelas & Stamatia Dimitrakopoulos
July 27th - August 22nd, 2017

Participating artists:
Danai Anesiadou | Lutz Braun | Voltnoi Brege | Alex Eagleton | Vaggelis Hoursoglou |
Jan Kiefer | Oliver Laric | Zachary Leener | Michi Loukas | Katrina Lodge | Carly Mark | Ben Wolf Noam |
Anastasia Pavlou | Nick Poe | Max Ruf | Charlie Roberts | Bjoern Segschneider | Atelier van Lieshout |
Wendy White | Sue Williams | Chloe Wise | private collection of Stamata Pardalis

The idea for the group show Build Your Own House derived from the Athenian middle class interiors. Comprising the inner part of the apartment building which was the regnant architectural element in the city’s urban landscape from the 50s until the late 90s, these pods followed an aberrant architecture, based on standardization. Here, the degenerated guidelines of modernism managed to create in most cases an amalgam of specific design and nonarchitecture. Under the pressure of mass production and in absence of time for statementsand movements to be followed, the architectural style is replaced by the personal choice. Build Your Own House observed the urgent and bland customization of the pre-defined personal space and notes the singular optimization of the blank canvas that works as the background of the city. The domestic space is the space around the human body, the extension of the subjective reality and the natural limit of the social interaction. It’s the starting point of the relationship in between the public and private sphere. In this sense, the spatial interference tends to redefine this relationship and contextualize the organization of the social forms. Build your own house zoomed into the symbolisms that were produced within this social context and explored how the featured works can take over and redefine the space.

Build Your Own House presented works that became the condensed redefinitions of the space they were in and reflected the romanticized condition of the user’s singularity.