Alexandros Tzannis
Wave after wave after wave (it's all for her)
August 23rd - September 22nd, 2015

Dio Horia was pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Alexandros Tzannis. Alexandros Tzannis works in a diverse array of media. The exhibition entitled Wave After Wave After Wave... it’s all for her was questioning the matters of time, patience and memory. As a process of reconsidering stereotypical images, landscapes, sunsets and seascapes, the works exhibited transmit a frozen picture of flowing elements. Presenting a new body of ceramic sculptures and three large scale drawings, the exhibition attempted to capture a summer fantasy- that of an infinite chase of happiness. Moments operating between past and future, creating a blended atmosphere where time merges, anachronistic and placeless, similar to that of Italo Calvino’s novels. “Using contradictions between high and low quality, between elegance and brutality, between the simplicity of the earth’s way of living and urbanity, my work operates a world’s kaleidoscope by making bridges and connecting ancient with modern and futuristic elements. These practices allow my work to act under the radar of cultural acrobatics. All in all, the digestion of received cultural elements allow the construction of a new artwork using the leftovers of he past."